Everyone should read Part I of the book (through p. 82) for Monday, November 27.

We'll divide the rest of the book thusly:

Grace, Kaley, Bret: Chapter 5 (Historiography)
Bethany, Kylee, Carolin: Chapter 8 (Pierre and Andrei)
Rebecca, Garland: Chapter 4 (Hazards)
Garrett, Andrea: Chapter 6 (Art)

Each group MUST FINISH the assigned chapter by Wednesday, November 29.

We'll discuss Part I as a group on November 27. On November 29, we'll spend the WHOLE CLASS in small groups, discussing the assigned chapter. By the end of class, each group will produce a one-page synopsis of their assigned chapter. On December 4, we'll break into jigsaws—new groups, made up of a representative from each of the four original groups. Representatives will share with the jigsaw group, in a five-minute presentation, the group's finding.

Resume: Write a 500-word resume of chapter one of HIPV, due December 4.

Here is the assignment: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y0mgb5milmcbo27/hipv_assignment%202017.doc?dl=0

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