Your Final Paper


Apropos of your final paper…

  1. you MUST turn in, via an email to my ude.nostets|rennedm#ude.nostets|rennedm account, an electronic copy of your paper in Rich Text Format or Microsoft Word format by THE TIME WE HAVE AGREED UPON IN CLASS. NO papers will be accepted late for ANY reason – acts of God and family tragedies included. Please do not ask for extensions for any reason – you have ample warning. You may assume that you will receive a failing grade, and thus a failing grade for the course, if the paper is not turned in on time.
  2. Your final paper will be graded according to the criteria given on the auto-assessment. Along with your paper, you MUST TURN IN a completed copy of this self-assessment rubric. If you do not turn in a copy of the auto-assessment, I will subtract 10% from your paper grade.
  3. Your paper shall be 3000-4500 words, which is a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 15 pages (double-spaced in Times New Roman). All word processors have a word count function. I will verify your word count total, and if you are over or under these guidelines, you will be penalized by 10%.
  4. Please include a title page (with a title). Again, if you do not adhere to this criterion, you will be penalized by 10%.
  5. You must cite your sources "MLA-style," i.e., parenthetical citation linked to a Works Cited page. Check out Duke's perfectly adequate description of the MLA style. Again, if you do not adhere to this criterion, you will be penalized by 10%.
  6. Do not cheat. I guarantee you that I know more about the Internet and more about cheating than you do. I also know each of your writing styles and capabilities. If I find that you have cheated, I will fail you for this class and I will pursue the matter with the Dean. If you cheat and I don't discover it, I warmly encourage you to taunt my ignorance in an email.
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