Your Final Paper


Apropos of your final paper…

  1. you MUST turn in, via an email to my ude.nostets|rennedm#ude.nostets|rennedm account, an electronic copy of your paper in Rich Text Format or Microsoft Word format by 4pm on May 6. NO papers will be accepted late for ANY reason – acts of God and family tragedies included. Please do not ask for extensions for any reason – you have ample warning. You may assume that you will receive a failing grade, and thus a failing grade for the course, if the paper is not turned in on time.
  2. Your final paper will be graded according to the criteria given on the auto-assessment. Along with your paper, you MUST TURN IN a completed copy of this self-assessment rubric. If you do not turn in a copy of the auto-assessment, I will subtract 10% from your paper grade.
  3. Your paper shall be 3000-4500 words, which is a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 15 pages (double-spaced in Times New Roman). All word processors have a word count function. I will verify your word count total, and if you are over or under these guidelines, you will be penalized by 10%.
  4. Please include a title page (with a title). Again, if you do not adhere to this criterion, you will be penalized by 10%.
  5. You must cite your sources "MLA-style," i.e., parenthetical citation linked to a Works Cited page. Check out Duke's perfectly adequate description of the MLA style. Again, if you do not adhere to this criterion, you will be penalized by 10%.
  6. Do not cheat. I guarantee you that I know more about the Internet and more about cheating than you do. I also know each of your writing styles and capabilities. If I find that you have cheated, I will fail you for this class and I will pursue the matter with the Dean. If you cheat and I don't discover it, I warmly encourage you to taunt my ignorance in an email.
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